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  • Body Image and Your Kids
  • Pesticides in food: are our children safe?
  • Physical inactivity among children today at epidemic levels
  • Diet and physical activity: a public health priority
  • Anorexia Nervosa and related eating disorders
  • Child & Adolescent Nutrition
  • Helping Children Manage Diabetes
  • The Affects of Childhood Obesity
  • Body and Mind for Kids
  • Type 2 Diabetes- What is it? 

Healthy Kidz & Teenz International Healthy Living Tour
Team HK&T will visit schools and organizations to offer a day of Healthy Living. This day will enable us to teach children about the importance of eating healthy foods and snacks while also teaching fun and creative ways to incorporate exercise into their everyday life. Our motto for this tour is, “Healthy kids now = Healthy productive adults for our future”. Please complete the form on the HK&T for Hire page to be considered.

Healthy Cooking Classes Promote healthier eating habits for Kidz & Teenz!
Our children are naturally creative and adventurous and the kitchen is the perfect place for self-expression. We educate and engage kids and teens ages 6-17 in solid nutrition principles coupled with fun and easy recipes. Kids and teens will learn basic cooking techniques, kitchen safety, new ingredients and how to follow recipe directions. These classes are designed to build nutritional knowledge and kitchen confidence.

Nowadays Electronic book or E-Book coming to replace a book. Becase tecnology is a part of life.People around 70 – 80 % have a smartphone. Because it’s easy to carry. Said that Smart phone is all-inone tool. As you can see when you on a train people always pay attention to thier smartphone. Reading a book, Listening a music, Check-in an Email all of this always occurs around us. An example of Ebook is Fat diminisher a weight lost program. you can access it every where you want and can watch a tutorial vdo, that’s why Ebook will replace a book. but not 100% becasue a book has worth(mind).

Healthy Kidz & Teenz Annual Health and Fitness Expo
Join us for our Annual Healthy Kidz & Teenz Health and Fitness Expo. This exciting event is designed to equip families, educators and the public with the knowledge and resources needed to help our children and adolescents live healthier happier lives.